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Minnesota Youth Council

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Mission: The Minnesota Youth Council is a collaboration of youth and adults working together to empower and mobilize youth across the state to exercise their voices, opinions and ideas to take action on youth issues.

Purpose: The Minnesota Youth Council seeks to engage young people in practicing and honing a number of skills and offer opportunities for civic and youth engagement. Whether through policy, planning or philanthropy, the MYC aims to enact change toward the betterment of youth in the state of Minnesota. The structure, time commitment, youth-adult partnership roles, and work of the council have been intentionally chosen to ensure that youth development needs, youth engagement needs, and important skill development are all nurtured to the fullest extent possible.

012Youth-Adult Partnership Model: The Minnesota Youth Council uses a youth-adult partnership model, where youth and adults actively collaborate to lead the group and its initiatives together. This model stresses the importance of both youth and adults having an equal say when making decisions, utilizing skills and learning from one another. It is a true collaborative partnership and the cornerstone of the MYC structure, mission and goals.

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