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Alumni Star: Keegan Freiburger

Keegan Freiburger
Keegan Freiburger served as a 2015-16 AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at Minneapolis Public Schools’ Roosevelt High School.  Keegan says “I feel deeply grateful for my experience as a Promise Fellow because it allowed me to join and serve a vibrant community right out of college. When I graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted to do–other than be a part of a community and do something equity related. Through the Promise Fellows program, I found community and support both in AmeriCorps and at my site.”  Keegan developed his interpersonal skills and learned every day from the students and families in his community. At the end of last year, a position opened up to be a Dean of Students at the high school. Because Keegan already had relationships with most of the students, he was a strong candidate for the role, and was hired as Dean of Students for 10th grade at Roosevelt High School. Keegan says he is especially excited for next year because Roosevelt is hiring for 5 innovative AmeriCorps positions. “I look forward to working with a really strong, creative Promise Fellow and VISTA team to support students and increase restorative practices!”

Interested in serving with Keegan? Apply to be a VISTA or Promise Fellow at Roosevelt today!

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