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Fill the Hallways

By Milah Xiong, Promise Fellow at Murray Junior High in St. Paul

This is a poem for one of my students who has made a great turn around this school year. She still faces difficulties every once in a while, but she is working towards a more successful future. -Milah

Fill the Hallways 

Take a deep breath of new clean air
New sharpened pencils leave floating dust
The atmosphere is happily filled with fresh clothes
What is a fresh start?

We have to live with the debris of yesterday
Cleaning up the pieces that are left of ourselves
Wipe away the dust and reveal a shiny gem, a bright leader
Are we happy now? Leaving a piece of ourselves behind…

It is so easy to fall back into old habits

Looking back at a part of yourself that is true and wasn’t totally true
This path has been long and does not come without rewards for the hard work
What does it mean to be your best?

To know your worst and be able to grow, reach your goals, take initiative, find purpose in what you do, know that there is always good in each day, and be reassured that you can have everything that you want in life.

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