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Promise Fellow Alumni Spotlight: Sophia Myszkowski

Sophia Myszkowski served as a Promise Fellow in the summer of 2013 here in the Minnesota Alliance with Youth office.  Her AmeriCorps service came right after her involvement on the Minnesota Youth Council. “I loved that I was able to continue to work with the council and all its inspirational members following my tenure on the council. I was consistently in awe of the passion and dedication of the members of the council and feel so lucky to have sat in their orbit for the time that I did.”

Sophia values AmeriCorps because it gives people the opportunity to serve your community, grow as a leader, and meet so many other passionate individuals.  Sophia is currently a video producer for The Atlantic magazine. “In my professional endeavors I have been lucky enough to contribute to projects that I am passionate about, particularly ones that have the potential to inspire social change. That focus was largely stoked by my experiences working with the Minnesota Youth Council and as a Promise Fellow, where I worked daily on issues that were impacting Minnesotan youth. Following my time as an advocate, I am compelled to use my skill set to elevate the voices of those that have been traditionally disenfranchised.”

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