How to Apply

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The application will take around 15 minutes to complete, and will ask you for contact info, information about your education and work experiences, AmeriCorps eligibility confirmation, and site preferences. Our application does not require a resume, cover letter, or references, however host sites may request these during the site placement process (more info on site placement below). 

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Student and AmeriCorps member work on laptop togetherInterview

If you meet the qualifications to serve, the next step is an interview with staff at Minnesota Alliance With Youth.  One of our passionate staff members will contact you to schedule your interview. The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us!  Be prepared, and take a look at our interview questions ahead of time! 

invitation to Serve

If you are selected to serve, you will receive an email with the good news following your interview. (This offer will be conditional on placement.) Congrats!  Respond to this email and start preparing for host site interviews. 

Site Placement

Within a month of receiving the invitation to serve, you will have the opportunity to interview with host sites of your choosing. Placement will be confirmed upon mutual agreement from member and host site. 


Once you have been matched with host site school or organization, you’ll begin the AmeriCorps onboarding process. The onboarding processes and timelines are different for Promise Fellows and VISTAs. Please follow these links to learn more. (Coming Soon!) 

Promise Fellow Onboarding Process

VISTA Onboarding Process

Start OF service

Promise Fellow: Your first day of service (Tuesday, September 1st, 2020) will be a day-long training at the Alliance offices in St. Paul.  You will join your Youth Success Team at your host site and meet your students on Wednesday, September 2nd.  


Application and Onboarding Deadlines

Application Deadline Service Invitation Extended by Commit to Serve by Placement Interviews Placement Finalized Onboarding Date
Feb. 20 Feb 26 Feb 28 Week of March 2  March 13 April 24
April 2 April 8 April 10 Week of April 13  April 24 May 27
April 23 April 29 May 1 Week of May 4  May 15 May 27
May 21 May 27 May 29 Week of June 1  June 12 June 29
June 25 July 1 July 3 Week of July 6 July 17 July 27
July 23 July 29 July 31 Week of Aug. 3  Aug 14 Aug. 17
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