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Why you are the best AmeriCorps recruiter

Over the years, we’ve learned that the schools and organizations who host our AmeriCorps members are the most powerful recruiters. Here’s why:

  • You know your work and your culture. You can give the best description of the unique experience that AmeriCorps members will have working at your site, and you understand the needs of the youth you serve in depth.
  • You know your community. Your school or organization already has strong ties with the community you serve, so you can recruit from your existing networks — alumni, parents, local community members. 
  • Your community wants to help. The community you serve is full of people who care about your school or organization — and they’ll respond if you ask for help. Many who have never considered AmeriCorps service will eagerly apply to serve at the school they went to, or with a community organization they admire. 
  • You can ask AmeriCorps alumni for help. If your organization has hired previous AmeriCorps members as staff members, they’ll be able to help you recruit ideal new candidates, and onboard them once they arrive. 

Three steps to recruit the AmeriCorps members your organization needs

  1. Get inspired. Service to Minnesota youth through AmeriCorps program is life-changing for our members — and for the youth they help you serve. To get inspired to recruit, listen to AmeriCorps members explain why they serve, learn about the results of their work, and swipe some of the Alliance’s social graphics (see below). You can use all these things to help attract the AmeriCorps members your organization needs. 
  2. Draft a recruitment pitch specifically for your community. Lead with your organization, not AmeriCorps or the Alliance: “Spend next year helping Central Middle School students succeed,” or “A year of service to Community Youth Organization makes a lasting difference.” Describe the program simply, and emphasize the benefits of service. Feel free to copy any of the language on our website in your materials — that’s what it’s for!
  3. Spread the word that you’re looking for help. Your networks are the best recruitment tools you have.
    • To recruit Promise Fellows, send recruitment messages to your alumni, teachers or staff that care about supporting students, or community engagement lists. Members of your community will help you find the right applicants. 
    • To recruit Groundwork Fellows, reach out to former college interns, program participants, retired staff, or former board members. They may know others to refer — or apply for the work themselves. 
    • To recruit Summer Engagement Fellows, reach out to former program participants or alumni who might be home for the summer.

Need some additional help?  Check out our Host Site Social Media Toolkit! 

social media Graphics (right click to download)

 Quote from student about Promise Fellow impact

AmeriCorps Promise Fellow videos