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Welcome to the Alliance VISTA Toolbox! The toolbox has information, resources, and tools to support members’ implementation of the VISTA program.

  • Alliance VISTA Model

    AmeriCorps & National Service Information

    Alliance AmeriCorps VISTA Program Overview

    Alliance VISTA Members strengthen communities and bring youth out of poverty by serving at non-profits, government agencies, community-wide coalitions and statewide agencies to implement three key strategies:

    • Build capacity at their host site organization to help address education inequities such as the achievement and opportunity gaps
    • Coordinate efforts that bridge and build the integration of school and community wide support for youth, focused on providing and sharing resources that increase a young person’s school attendance, behavior and/or course performance (all indicators with a strong link to academic engagement and high school graduation)
    • Actively engage youth as agents of change in closing the opportunity and achievement gaps in their communities

    Alliance VISTA Member activities increase the capacity of their site and community to support young people, and lead to significant increases in the number of additional activities able to be carried out by the host organization and its partners.

    Possible activities VISTA Members perform that provide a direct link to increasing educational equity in Minnesota include:

    • Creating or improving data systems to increase host site’s ability to track, evaluate, and replicate positive youth interventions
    • Establishing/strengthening volunteer programs
    • Developing and implementing a process for recruiting volunteers and caring adults to work with youth
    • Convening partners to align goals and activities
    • Researching best practices relating to educational equity and conducting literature reviews
    • Identifying and integrating best practices into communities and organizations
    • Creating resources and materials to help inform the community
    • Creating or promoting leadership and civic engagement opportunities for youth
    • Researching youth-led programming models and identifying opportunities to engage youth in co-creating programming

    Learn more about Minnesota Alliance With Youth’s AmeriCorps Program Overview.

  • Training Materials and Calendar
  • Member Benefits

    Healthcare Benefits

    VISTA Health Care Allowance FAQ

    VISTA Health Benefit FAQ

    VISTA Telehealth FAQ

    Financial Assistance

    Education Award and Student Loans

    Education Award Webinar recording and powerpoint slides

    CNCS: Education Award – Ed Stories and Guidebook

    Colleges and Universities that match the Segal Education Reward

    Alliance Guide – Student Loan Forbearance and Resources Review

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program: AmeriCorps service is eligible for the PSLF Program; this program allows qualifying federal student loans to be forgiven after 10 years working at a qualified employer. You may receive credit by either making monthly, on-time, income-based payments during your service or by making a lump sum payment from the education award toward a qualified loan. Read the resources below to learn more:

    Professional Development

    Life After AmeriCorps and Alumni Services

  • Forms and Policies


    Alliance VISTA Policies

    The information below summarizes key Alliance VISTA Program policies.

    To learn more about specific questions or concerns about these or other topics, please refer to the VISTA Member Handbook or contact the Minnesota State Office of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

    Personal and Sick Time Tracking

    All VISTAs are allowed 10 sick days and 10 personal days. Alliance VISTAs are required to gain prior approval from their supervisor for all sick and personal days that they use during the service year. VISTAs must report the number of sick and personal days taken in their monthly reporting to the Alliance.

    VISTAs may request up to 5 emergency days in extenuating circumstances. If you need to utilize the emergency days, please be in touch with your VISTA Leader and Alliance Trainer as soon as possible. You can learn more about what kind of time off is permissible on the VISTA Campus.

    Alliance VISTA Periodic Reporting & Monthly Reflections 

    Minnesota Alliance With Youth VISTAs are responsible for submitting Monthly Reflections as well as four Periodic Reports throughout their term of service.

    • Monthly Reflections include narratives on the successes and challenges of service, Professional Development updates, feedback for the Alliance, and leave time used. Monthly Reflections are due on the final day of every month.
    • Periodic Reports share specific details of a VISTA’s activities as they relate to their VISTA Assignment Description (VAD). Periodic Reports show the work the VISTA Member has done in reaching their Host Site’s Capacity Building and Anti-Poverty goals. Periodic Reports are due on a quarterly basis, and a final end of year supplement report is due on the final day of service.

    Requesting Professional Development Funds

    Each VISTA member serving with Minnesota Alliance With Youth has $100 allocated toward their professional development. VISTAs may use this money for fees associated with approved professional development or educational opportunities related to their VISTA project or post-service. All requests for reimbursement are subject to the approval of the Alliance VISTA Program Manager and VISTA Leader.

    Once an appropriate professional development opportunity is identified, the VISTA should:

    1. E-mail the Alliance VISTA Leader with details (brochure, webpage, etc.) and the signed PD request form and await approval.
    2. Once approved, register for the event and indicate that a check will be sent by the Minnesota Alliance With Youth.
    3. Send a copy of the paper registration form or print off the on-line registration form and send it to the VISTA Leader.

    After the VISTA Leader has received a copy of your registration, the Minnesota Alliance With Youth will submit a check for the costs and send payment directly to the training’s sponsoring organization.

    Outside Employment and Schooling

    VISTAs may hold outside employment while serving. However, VISTAs must obtain approval from their supervisor for their outside employment. Outside employment may not conflict with a VISTA’s service or service hours. If you choose to hold outside employment, you must complete this form and return it to your VISTA Leader. Full Outside Employment Policy.

    Education restrictions:
    VISTAs may be enrolled in courses part time as long as their studies do not interfere with their VISTA responsibilities. VISTAs and supervisors will need to determine whether or not the courses will detract from their commitment to the VISTA project.

    If they were enrolled in a course before they became a VISTA, it is still important to discuss their study plan right away and make sure that the course will not interfere with the project.

    If courses interfere with VISTA responsibilities, they should discuss this with their supervisor. If they cannot come to a joint decision on how to make the VISTA project their focus, their supervisor may contact the state office.

    Restricted Activities 

    Religious Activities:
    Though VISTAs are absolutely entitled to religious beliefs, they cannot promote or participate in religious activities while on duty as a VISTA. Examples of activities you cannot do on VISTA duty include:

    • Provide religious instruction
    • Conduct worship services
    • Proselytize
    • Be admitted to a VISTA program based directly or indirectly on religious affiliation
    • Induce others to participate in religious activities

    The Hatch Act applies to VISTA members at all times during their service, including certain activities during their off-duty hours. VISTAs cannot engage in any political activity (either partisan or nonpartisan) that would result in identifying the VISTA program with the activity. While on duty or perceived to be identified with the VISTA program, they cannot show partisanship or work to direct resources (financial or human) to influence elections or legislation (e.g., lobby), engage in voter registration, or provide voter transportation to the polls.

    Specific examples of activities they CANNOT participate in as a VISTA, either on- or off-duty:

    • Soliciting or accepting from others monetary contributions for a partisan political candidate
    • Pro-labor or anti-labor organizing
    • Running for a partisan elected office

    Participating in prohibited political activities during the VISTA term of service is cause for termination. Refer to the Chapter 14 of the Member Handbook for more information and a full list of prohibited activities.

  • VISTA Reporting and Evaluation


    VISTA Reporting Manual

    SurveyMonkey Link – Use this link to submit monthly reflections. Monthly Reflections are due the last day of every month.


    Mid-Year Evaluation 


  • VISTA Vocab

Minnesota Alliance With Youth VISTA Staff Contact Information

Sarah France Ullmer
AmeriCorps Training Director or 612.554.6019

Bette Benson
Compliance and Program Coordinator

Sam Hartzell
Alliance VISTA Leader