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“Being a Friend”

By: Ashley Cook, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Inver Grove Heights High SchoolAshley Cook

“Today was a tough day for a few of my students. Three of them were sent to the office for different reasons, but all around the same time of day.

One student had a tougher time, though, because she was dealing with friend drama.  She has a tough outside, but is a softie in the middle. She knows when to not take someone’s crap and will cut someone off if they have no intention on fixing problems to better the friendship. Unfortunately, she was the one who got sent to the office for a couple hours, even though it was the other girls who caused the problem in the first place.

So, I was able to spend some time with her in my office. I first approached her when she was really upset and crying. I hugged her and she took it. I listened to her as she told me what happened with the girls. Later, I came back and sat down with her in a conference room, which is where she has been this whole time.  Since being called to the office, she had been seated alone in this room, with no one listening to her problems, and all the while missing out on classroom instruction time.  I was mad. So, I sat there and we talked about SO many things! It was such a wonderful experience to have with her. She was seeing me as a friend and as an adult who trusts her and listens to her. That’s ALL students need – TO BE HEARD.

I will forever remember this moment with her. I can’t wait to grow this relationship more and more.”

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