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Delta Dental of Minnesota Announces 2012 Serve a Smile Winners


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Minnesota Alliance With Youth Contact:                     
Sarah Ullmer sullmer@staging1.mnyouth.net
Office: 612-554-6019

Delta Dental of Minnesota Contact:
Dana Jensen, djensen@deltadentalmn.org
Office: 651-994-5002

April 4, 2012 (EAGAN, Minn.) — Delta Dental of Minnesota, in collaboration with the Minnesota Alliance With Youth (the Alliance) and Minnesota FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), announces that the company has awarded more than $30,000 in annual youth service mini grants and in-kind donations1. The competitive-based grants are awarded through Delta Dental’s Serve a Smile mini grant program which promotes youth volunteer activities coinciding with Global Youth Service Day on April 14-22.

Click here for a list of grant winners and a description of their projects.

“This year many of the Serve a Smile projects continue to incorporate oral health education and awareness, in addition to nutrition and exercise,” said Ann Johnson, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Minnesota Trust and Director of Community Affairs at Delta Dental of Minnesota. “These Serve a Smile projects support our mission of improving health and increasing health literacy.”

“Serve a Smile is based on the belief that when creative and resourceful youth volunteers are given an opportunity to participate in public service initiatives with their family, friends, school and community leaders, they can contribute in meaningful ways to help solve community issues,” continued Johnson.

Global Youth Service Day is the largest youth service event in the world, involving over 3 million youth in service projects. While celebrated in over 100 countries in every region of the world, Minnesota ranks among the top three states for number of service projects in support of Global Youth Service Day.

“Once again, we are very excited to partner with Delta Dental of Minnesota and FCCLA for the ninth year on this important initiative,” said Sarah Dixon, President & CEO, Minnesota Alliance With Youth. “Through our work across Minnesota, we know that when young people are actively engaged and contributing members of their communities, the possibilities are endless and produce amazing results such as increases in high school graduation and service to their community.” Dixon said.

“Minnesota is fortunate to have such outstanding youth organizations with a deep understanding of the needs of children, families and community and strong track records in providing programs and services that make a difference. Delta Dental of Minnesota is pleased to be able to help these organizations carry out their vital work” said Johnson.

1 In-kind donations include items such as children’s toothbrushes, adult toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and oral health educational materials geared toward specific populations.

About Delta Dental of Minnesota

Delta Dental of Minnesota’s oral health initiatives are part of its tax-exempt mission to provide educational information and support community programs that help enhance the oral health of all Minnesotans. An independent, tax-exempt health services company, we take seriously our mission to serve Minnesotans’ oral health needs. Since 1969, we’ve accomplished this mission by providing the best access across the state to oral health care through affordable dental plans. For more information, visit www.deltadentalmn.org. Delta Dental is a registered mark of Delta Dental Plans Association. Delta Dental of Minnesota is an independent tax-exempt dental services company and is an authorized licensee of the Delta Dental Plans Association of Oak Brook, Illinois.

About the Minnesota Alliance With Youth

Founded in 1997, the Alliance is Minnesota’s leading convener, collaborator and capacity-builder for youth development. The Alliance seeks to strengthen youth success in school and learning, increase youth engagement in communities, develop and magnify youth voice, and advance collaboration and innovation with entities that share our vision. The Alliance is the Minnesota affiliate of the America’s Promise Alliance and contributes resources to schools, communities and partner organizations across the state in the form of 116 AmeriCorps Promise Fellows.

For more information about Minnesota Alliance With Youth or Global Youth Service Day, visit www.mnyouth.net. 

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