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Stay connected through the Promise Fellow Alumni Association! There are plenty of ways to get involved!

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Participate in the Promise Fellow Alumni Ambassador Program: spread the word about the opportunity to serve as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow and earn $100!  Details HERE.

Share your experience with prospective Promise Fellows!  We are always looking for Alumni  that are willing to talk with individuals thinking of applying to AmeriCorps.  Interested in helping out?  Sign up below!

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Become a Promise Fellow Mentor: 

The Promise Fellow Alumni Mentoring Program was developed to help current AmeriCorps Promise Fellows navigate their service and plan for life after AmeriCorps by connecting them to former Fellows that have made successful transitions into their career field. The Mentoring Program suggests opportunities throughout the year for members and mentors to engage in activities and discussions with each other. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet up in person or virtually at least once a month.

Service Mentors: Alumni that are less than 3 years removed from their service are invited to be Service Mentors. You will be paired with a first year Promise Fellow and will provide the Fellow with support and suggestions as they navigate their service.

Next Step Mentors: Alumni of 3+ years are invited to be Next Step Mentors, paired with returning Fellows. Next Step Mentors are paired with Fellows based on their career interests and aspirations, field of study and desired skill acquisition.

Contact Kate Suchomel at ksuchomel@mnyouth.net if you are interested in applying to be a mentor!

Visit the Alumni Mentor Resource Page for resources and assistance.

Join the Alumni Committee and help plan upcoming events, outings and networking opportunities!  Contact Kate at ksuchomel@mnyouth.net for upcoming meeting dates.

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