Key Initiatives

Minnesota Youth Council listening to bill

MYC Subcommittees


The MYC Juvenile Justice Subcommittee seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and advocates for young people involved in Minnesota’s carceral system.


The MYC Education Equity Subcommittee works to advance learning opportunities and options available for students in order to create better educational experiences, and personalized and holistic education for all young people in Minnesota.


The MYC Environmental Justice Subcommittee works to address the realities of climate change and environmental racism, and advocates for Minnesota’s investment in sustainable energy.


The MYC Health & Wellness Subcommittee advocates for the holistic support of young people across Minnesota, focusing specifically on mental and sexual health.

Policy Focus

The MYC holds legislative meetings several times a year during the MN Legislative Session.  Senators and Representatives are invited to present bills impacting youth and provide testimony to the full council.  MYC members provide insight and feedback on the issues through the formal committee meetings and feedback letters to the bill authors.

Visit the MN State Legislature’s page on the Minnesota Youth Council!

Watch videos of the MYC Legislative Committee meetings and read recent feedback letters on proposed legislation:

Watch MYC MeetingsRead feedback letters

Hear members of the Minnesota Youth Council testify in front of the House Education Finance Committee on January 17th, 2019- the MYC was invited to share their insights and opinions into the issues most impacting our state’s young people!

Youth Voice is Law

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of the MYC, passing into law the Minnesota Youth Council Committee Bill, which establishes the group as the official voice for youth to provide advice and recommendations to the legislature and the governor on issues affecting youth and to serve as a liaison for youth around the state to the legislature and the governor.

Watch: How The Minnesota Youth Council Bill Became Law!

Additional Highlights

In 2020, Youthprise and the Minnesota Youth Council joined together to host a Virtual Town Hall on Student Experiences with Distance Learning, discussing the challenges of distance learning, inequalities, policy recommendations and opportunities. Read over the Key Takeaways and Policy Recommendations from the event.

In 2016, the MYC partnered with the Minnesota Department of Education’s School Safety Technical Assistance Center to implement bullying prevention and intervention strategies in schools across the state.

In 2017, youth leaders authored a white paper on testing and discipline; “A User-Driven Education System in Minnesota Supplementing Standardized Tests with Comprehensive Needs Assessments and Community Developed Discipline Policies.”