Minnesota Alliance with Youth

School-Community Partnerships

Schools alone cannot ensure that all students succeed. Youth development is a community effort, as all sectors — nonprofit, government, schools, faith-based organizations, businesses, parents — support young people.

The Alliance fosters School-Community Partnerships to ensure that young people have multiple access points to resources.

tutoring3[1]Each Partnership reviews causes of the achievement gap and the civic engagement gap within their own school(s), identifies youth participants, and designs strategies (e.g. tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, goal-planning). For example, a Partnership team might focus on a difficult transitional year such as eighth to ninth grade, youth who are ineligible for Title I, those with a history of academic failure or truancy, or those identified by teachers as having potential.

Partnerships host and support the work of AmeriCorps Promise Fellows who work directly with these students, school administrators, and community partners, serving full-time for one year. The Fellows also coordinate programs and volunteers who, in turn, work to increase the academic success of students identified by the SCP Team. Together, they leverage resources and build the capacity of the Partnerships.

WATCH BELOW to see how a School-Community Partnerships collaborates to provide critical resources for youth to succeed!


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