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Promise Fellow Spotlight: Charles Newell

Why did you become a Promise Fellow?
I became a Promise Fellow because my life’s passion is to enhance the lives of youth and I am getting that opportunity through my AmeriCorps experience.  As a young person, I know that we grow from experiences like participating in sports or being a member of in and out of school time programs or community groups. I had several of these experiences growing up and I believe they are what have made me who I am today.

Your Promise Fellow Experience:
I serve at the Wilder Foundation where I work with youth from transitional housing. I focus on connecting youth to the community through service learning and civic engagement. My best experience so far was at the Wilder Foundation Holiday party for youth and their families. Everyone was having a great time, which was rewarding for me because I know the challenges these youth and their families face. In spite of this, not a single family was kept from having a good time.  To me, that speaks to their strength of character and this strength gives my work hope.

A little bit about Charles:
I grew up in Oakdale, MN and graduated from Tartan High School in 2005. I have already learned so much and I will continue to use what I’ve learned as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow as I plan to become a teacher and one day start a young men’s program. I am a husband, father, part time student and the Children’s Minister at New Vision Faith Center. When I have free time I like to relax, watch movies, and love to socialize. Put me in a room with my friends and within minutes I’m having fun!

Favorite Quote:
“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford

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