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Promise Fellow Week Alumni Spotlight: Katie Lovrien

Katie Lovrien served as a Promise Fellow at Northfield High School in 2015-16. 

“I truly loved serving as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow. The two most important takeaways from my year of service are the impact of relationship building with youth and the importance maintaining high expectations for youth. Adolescents need to feel like adults respect and believe in them, and they’re more likely to engage in programming if they have positive connections with staff. By keeping expectations high and offering support to help them reach their goals, we show students that we truly believe in their potential and ability.”

Now, as a Promise Fellow supervisor (to Maki at Northfield Middle! she sees the positive impact of AmeriCorps Promise Fellows for our students. “The Promise Fellows in our program are role models for our students. They are positive, encouraging, and determined to help students reach their full potential. Most importantly, they don’t give up, even when students might be hesitant to engage with school or staff. Their persistence and positivity ensure our students feel a sense of belonging and know they have caring adults who they can go to at school.”

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