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In 2016, the MYC partnered with Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota to develop a website about youth perspectives on mental health issues.  The site provides information on youth views on mental health, how mentors can support youth mental health, and more.

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In response the 2013 MYC youth survey that identified drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, and crime/safety/gangs as the top issues facing youth in Minnesota, the MYC brainstormed innovative solutions to each issue. As a result of this process and focusing on drug and alcohol abuse, the MYC is proud to have created a documentary, “State of Using“, as part of their philanthropic work.

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2013 Youth Survey

During the 2012-2013 school year, the MYC engaged the voices of more than 1,000 youth through development and administration of a survey that collectively identified issues affecting youth throughout the state.  Three top issues were identified; Crime, Safety & Gangs, Bullying, and Drugs & Alcohol.  Members also mapped assets in their own communities to identify resources, gaps in services, and connections between issues and policy.

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In 2012, Minnesota Alliance With Youth members and Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Education launched a messaging campaign called, “One Voice.” One Voice communicates to Minnesota’s youth the importance of experiencing success in school, work and life – both now and in the future.

The unique element about this project is that it’s created not only for youth, but by youth. By providing their personal perspective, youth involved in the project seek to communicate the message to those who need to hear it most: those not currently engaged in school.

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Minnesota’s Achievement Gap

Each year more than 10,000 youth in Minnesota disengage from school, and Minnesota’s academic achievement gap has grown to one of the largest in the nation.

Have you considered leaving school?  Are you currently disengaged from school? Do you know someone that is? Watch the videos or visit americangraduate.org for help.

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