Minnesota Alliance with Youth

“State of Using”

Spanish subtitles are available by clicking the button marked “CC” on the player. If you are having trouble viewing the film or would like more information, please contact sali@mnyouth.net.

State of Using Discussion Guide

Creation Process

In response the 2013 MYC youth survey that identified drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, and crime/safety/gangs as the top issues facing youth in Minnesota, the MYC brainstormed innovative solutions to each issue. As a result of this process and focusing on drug and alcohol abuse, the MYC is proud to have created a documentary, “State of Using“, as part of their philanthropic work.


Through the Minnesota Youth Council’s mission to bring youth voice to discussions of community issues, this documentary aims to tell the stories of young people across Minnesota and how substance abuse has impacted their lives. The film highlights the voices of Noah, Matt, Leon, Alex and Kanesha and their experiences.

The  film was created, filmed, and edited by youth, and was made by Minnesota Youth Council in partnership with Intermedia Arts, Minnesota Alliance With Youth, and Youthprise.