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GradMinnesota LogoCommunities, in partnership with schools, government agencies, nonprofits, and other entities are critical in developing local solutions to the national dropout crisis.  GradNation Communities in Minnesota are just this- groups of people in a community working together to improve high school graduation rates. The GradMinnesota Initiative provides support and resources to these communities that are committed to finding comprehensive solutions to close the achievement and opportunity gaps and raise high school graduation rates so that young people are prepared for postsecondary success. This year, Minnesota Alliance With Youth is proud to host 2 AmeriCorps VISTAs serving with GradMinnesota to help build capacity and provide supports that are responsive to community needs.

As GradNation Communities in Minnesota work to create networks of partners, examine data, identify their specific needs and implement plans to increase graduation rates, the GradMinnesota initiative and VISTA members offers communities:

  • Invitations to professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to network with other communities
  • Connections to partners, experts, and other resources
  • Access to research-based tools and knowledge
  • Guidance for driving awareness, building public will, and increasing youth voice
  • Access to communication, messaging, and community engagement tools
  • Guidance on how to sustain and fund community efforts

Joining the GradMinnesota initiative as a GradNation Community means connecting with a network of support and resources to tackle the goals of increasing student achievement and graduation rates.   For more information contact Cammy Lehr at clehr@mnyouth.net.

Click here for more information on becoming a GradNation Community!

Meet Daniel and Emily, the GradMinnesota AmeriCorps VISTAs! 

ST. Paul Focuses on Student Re-Engagement

St. Paul’s GradNation Community is spearheaded by stakeholders from a wide variety of organizations, including governmental bodies, schools, and nonprofit organizations.  The group is developing strategies for student re-engagement into school through mapping of community resources and policy, and increasing public outreach and awareness.  Their work, centering on school district data-sharing and proactive re-engagement efforts, rallies community-wide action to ensure that resources are accessible to students in order to bring them back to school and to keep them on track towards post-secondary success.

Minneapolis Sets Sights on Raising Grad Rates for ELL Students

The Minneapolis public school district is working on several fronts to make sure English-language learners (ELLs) feel that graduation and college are part of their futures.  Roughly a fourth of the Minneapolis district’s students are ELLs. Most of these 9,000 students speak Spanish, followed by Somali and Hmong, a language spoken by an ethnic group from parts of China and Southeast Asia. Read more about Minneapolis’ work on the America’s Promise Alliance blog.


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