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Youth Spotlight: Alec Kinne

The STEP program provides youth a safe and positive environment that connects them with caring adults, increases academic performance and promotes civic engagement. For fifth grader Alec Kinne, STEP has provided the opportunity of a lifetime.  In addition to his participation in STEP, Alec is involved in soccer and swimming.  He also enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with his cousins.  In December, he participated in a service learning project where youth served Christmas dinner to senior citizens and their families.  His mom said he came home that evening concerned that some seniors had no one to eat with.  Alec took time from serving Christmas dinner to sit down with these seniors and ask them their favorite Christmas memory.

In January, STEP toured Century College.  Alec recently told me he wants to become a Cardiologist when he grows up.  As a group, STEP discussed the importance of attending college.  I informed the group they can win scholarships that are geared towards middle school students, and it was unanimous that they all wanted to research scholarships.

Alec is working hard towards completing this school year.  It is hard to believe this is the same boy who I met in the fall.  Since September, Alec has gone from rarely completing his assignments to completing almost all of them.  Not only is Alec committed to his homework, but he is working hard at improving his behavior, both at school and at home. Now you know where to go if you ever need to see a Cardiologist…

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