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Youth Spotlight: Pajnucci Vue

Her passion for service is what drives sixteen year old Pajnucci Vue from Highland Park High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Pajnucci’s motivation for serving is deeper than just wanting to help people, “Doing the right thing is important, but doing the right thing in a meaningful manner is essential” says Vue.  Pajnucci is on the Math, Speech, and Swim Team as well as Student Council, National Youth Leadership Council’s Youth Advisory Council and board member, Minnesota Youth Council, AND she is a founding member of the St. Paul Service-Learning Youth Advisory Council.

I asked Pajnucci, in all of these roles what makes her a strong leader, “I’m a very passionate person and I feel that I lead with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to get things done.  I wish and hope that my leadership empowers others to lead and to do their best.”  Pajnucci contributes her achievement to having her parents as role models, “They’ve shown me the true definition of sacrifice so that I can be where I am now. They’re such hard workers and are so selfless for our family. They support me wholeheartedly in whatever I do and let me explore who I want to be and what I want to do”.

Just as Pajnucci involves service into many of her extracurricular activities she also plans on having a career related to service, and she has a particular interest in third world development.  Her favorite quote comes from the servant-leader that has inspired her most, Ghandi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

When asked how her culture plays into her service she responded, “The Hmong are very modest, hard-working people.  We work for the community and do a lot of ceremonies and rituals talking collectively to figure out what’s best for the community as a whole. Growing up with that mindset, it has influenced me to think more of what’s best for the big picture and how can I serve to fit myself in that picture.  Also, seeing how much the Hmong people serve and help each other, it makes me want to parallel that idea and work/serve cohesively with others to get things done”.

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