The Promise Fellow Experience

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Promise Fellows: increasing engagement and attendance

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As an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, you’ll spend a year helping a small group of Minnesota students in grades 6 to 12 get the education they need to start off strong in life. Much more than a tutor, you’ll work one-on-one with students who are struggling in school using the proven Promise Fellow Model for youth support. You’ll foster your students’ unique talents, honor their voices, and help them prepare for graduation and beyond. The work will be challenging, and you’re guaranteed to grow and change along the way. All year long, you’ll have the support you need to successfully fulfill the role: financial assistance, mentorship and leadership training, and the extraordinary school or nonprofit community you will serve in, as well as the support of other Promise Fellows, present and past.

NEW in 2024: AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Youth Mental Health Corps!

One in three high school students report persistent feelings of hopelessness, and approximately 122 million people live in a Mental Health Professional Shortage Area.  To help address the youth mental health crisis, we are excited to share that we are joining forces with ServeMinnesota, the Schultz Family Foundation, Pinterest and AmeriCorps to recruit, train, and deploy AmeriCorps members to help young people access critical mental health resources while simultaneously creating career opportunities for young adults.  AmeriCorps Promise Fellows will be one of the pilot programs participating in the AmeriCorps Youth Mental Health Corps, launching Fall of 2024!

All AmeriCorps Promise Fellows will be receiving training in Youth Mental Health First Aid, General First Aid, and continued Motivational Interviewing skills, giving them a robust set of tools to help support student mental health.  Additionally, Youth Mental Health Promise Fellows will recieve access to a national provider offering wraparound supports for members’ mental health and wellness, as well as career navigation and job placement services.

“You won’t regret making the decision to serve as a Promise Fellow. It doesn’t matter your age, if you’ve already had a full-time career, Or if you’re just starting life and don’t know what you want to do at all. You learn so much about yourself and working with students. You will take away so much from it, and feel so fulfilled as a person.” -Kaija, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow

Promise Fellows serve in schools and community organizations as part of a Youth Success Team, and implement a prevention-oriented approach to addressing student dropout by targeting students in grades 6-12 who show the early warning signs of school disengagement. 

Infographic showing Caring Adult, Service and Out of School Time

Through evidence-based supports in three core areas; Caring Adult, Service & Service-Learning, and Out of School Time, Promise Fellows make sure that young people can achieve their full potential.  

What does service look like?  Check out these Stories of Service from some of our AmeriCorps Promise Fellows! 

Listen to this conversation with Essence about the life-changing relationship she had with her AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, Jamie!

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Where you’ll serve

Promise Fellows serve in schools and community organizations across Minnesota; large, urban school districts like Minneapolis Public Schools, and small, rural schools like Greenway High School in Coleraine (population 1,970), or community organizations like YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs.  You might serve with a group of Promise Fellows, or you might be the only AmeriCorps member on site! Wherever you serve, you’ll have both a site-based and Alliance-based team of support to help you have the best year possible.

Who you’ll serve

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows each work with a “Focus List” of 30 students that are identified based on data related to the Early Warning Indicators (attendance, engagement and work completion data).  Youth participants are typically those that are struggling to engage in school and may lack connections to caring adults, academic support or opportunities to become engaged in their community. 

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