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The Minnesota Youth Council amplifies the voice and power of young adults, creating opportunities for young people to actively influence decisions that directly impact their lives. Participants learn and practice civic skills that promote civil discourse and strengthen our local and statewide democratic systems. 

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The Voice of Youth in Minnesota

Two young women sitting at a table.The MYC serves as liaison between young people, youth-led and youth-serving organizations, and state policymakers and the Governor and Lt. Governor. They are the statutorily-created “voice of youth” in Minnesota and expand opportunities for ALL young people in Minnesota to have their voices heard and input considered.

The MYC envisions a state where decisions that impact youth are made WITH and BY young people.

Core Values

  • The MYC believes in the power and importance of all youth having a voice in their community and state.
  • The MYC values authentic relationships between youth, adults, organizations and communities.
  • The MYC supports the involvement of young people in meaningful and engaging work focused on results.
  • The MYC aims to ensure equitable access to opportunities for all youth in Minnesota.
  • The MYC believes in connecting all young people with existing resources.

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LEADERS of today and tomorrow

The Minnesota Youth Council is a diverse body of youth, representing a broad swathe of opinions, perspectives, and lived experiences from across the state of Minnesota. It is an avenue for youth to collaborate, compromise and build shared agreement and understanding. With a primary focus on shaping statewide policies and decision-making processes, the council works to amplify the voices of their peers, enhance public awareness of crucial youth issues, and champion the adoption and execution of laws and regulations that benefit today’s Minnesota youth. 

The Minnesota Youth Council focuses on these areas of youth issues:

  1. Environmental Justice
  2. Education Equity 
  3. Mental Health & Wellness 
  4. Civic Engagement 
  5. Economic Prosperity 
  6. Transportation 
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MYC History

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of the Minnesota Youth Council, passing into law the Minnesota Youth Council Bill, which established the MYC as the official voice of youth to the state legislature and the Governor!

Per Minnesota Statute, the MYC plays an important role in the creation of legislation in the state, tasked with the following privileges: 

  1. select introduced bills for consideration for a public hearing;
  2. propose youth legislation;
  3. provide advisory opinions to the legislature on bills; and
  4. prepare a youth omnibus bill.

Before the Minnesota Youth Council was formalized in statute, young people gathered as a council to shape public policy. We continue on their legacy and honor the work they started by ensuring the Minnesota Youth Council amplifies youth voices all over Minnesota.

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