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To contact any of the Minnesota Youth Council members, please email youthvoice@mnyouth.net, with the name of the council member in the subject line.

  • Congressional District 1

    Munira Alimire, Senior at Rochester STEM Academy
    Committee: Policy

    Munira found the council by complete chance- after three hours of searching ‘leadership opportunties for Minnesota teens’. She’s also a Girl Up Teen Advisor- a member on the women’s rights campaign run by the United Nations Foundation. One thing she wants to achieve is empowering teenagers in high school to speak for themselves who would otherwise not have a say on what happens to them- personally or politically.

    AlyssaAlyssa DeGrand, Senior at Rochester Century High School
    Committee: Education

    Alyssa likes that her community is very diverse, and that it is always growing in size and diversity. She wishes that there were more awareness of mental health issues, especially for young people in Rochester. She thinks we should bring these talks out from behind closed doors. Her top three favorite movies are Stuck in Love, The Heat and The Fault in Our Stars.

    Weston Loughmiller, Freshman at Fairmont High School
    Committee: Policy

    Weston heard about the youth council because he was browsing the internet looking for a way to get more involved. He stumbled across the Minnesota Youth Council website and decided to fill out an application. He doesn’t listen to music very often but when he does it is often what is on the radio. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and Marvel.

  • Congressional District 2

    ZamZam Mohamed, Senior at Burnsville High School
    Committee: Education

    This is ZamZam’s first year on the Council. One thing she would like to change about her school is their gym class. In order to pass the class, she has to swim with boys in the pool. This goes against her Muslim faith. She would like for only girls to be in the pool. Her favorite hobby is playing badminton.

    Catherine McComas-Bussa, Junior at Shakopee High School
    Committee: Policy

    This is Catherine’s first year on the council. She joined the council because she is passionate about shaping the world around her. Catherine believes that some of the most pressing issues facing the world today are promoting equality for all people and always striving to take better care of our environment than we did the day before. She loves MPR, hammocking, camping, reading, learning, journaling, music, and being alive!

    RayRayanah Richmond, Senior at Northfield High School
    Committee: Education

    Rayanah joined the MYC after hearing about it from adults in the TORCH program.  She hopes to learn about how to make the education of youth more accessible and beneficial for all students of all backgrounds/classes. She wants youth to learn and not feel stressed about their future so much.  In her free time, Rayanah enjoys writing poetry and listening to Beyonce, and hopes to be a writer and creative writing teacher!

    AngeloAngelo Perez, Junior at Northfield High School
    Committee: Policy

    Angelo is involved in several councils at Northfield High School, and joined the MYC because of his passion around immigration, equity, justice and education.  He admires John F. Kennedy because “he was a natural born leader and a national hero who served our country proudly, and lead our country during perhaps one of the darkest times in our history.”

  • Congressional District 3

    ColeCole Hartman, Sophomore at Wayzata High School

    Bio coming soon!




    JackJack Prince, Freshman at The Blake School
    Committee: Education

    Jack hopes to learn more about the impact that the Council can make on the youth in this state. He hopes that his service results in making life better for youth in Minnesota. Some bands and artists he enjoys are Imagine Dragons, Charlie Puth, Fallout Boy and the Beatles.  

    ShreyaShreya Ram, Junior at Wayzata High School
    Committee: Policy

    Shreya enjoys playing the piano. A person she admires is her ninth grade civics teacher because she is filled with passion for her job. Shreya loved the class and was intrigued by the law and policy. The class made Shreya want to do something she’s passionate about in the future, and it is one of the reasons why she joined the Minnesota Youth Council.

  • Congressional District 4

    Ava Kalenze, Freshman at St. Anthony Village High School
    Committee: Policy

    This will be Ava’s first year serving on the council and she is very excited! She is interested in this program because of the unique perspective and opportunities it offers, as well as its initiative to embolden the voice of Minnesota youth. In her free time, Ava loves traveling, swimming with her team, taking pictures, playing her trumpet in the school band, and watching her favorite show, Parks and Recreation. She is very excited to embark on this next opportunity.

    ElenaElena Medeiros, Senior at St. Paul Central High School
    Committee: Education

    Elena hopes to push herself towards getting as involved as possible so that she can fully experience what being a part of the Council means. She enjoys all of the opportunities that her high school makes available, but she wishes these opportunities were accessible to everyone. Her top three favorite movies are Sunflower, Dirty Dancing and Grease.

    FatimaFatima Menawa, Junior at Stillwater High School
    Committee: Policy

    Fatima first found out about MYC through a teacher, who also served as a mentor of a sort. It was 8th grade and she had just been having a horrible year being bullied and questioning who she was as a person. Her teacher felt MYC was something that could help her evolve and encourage her to speak out. Fatima was extremely hesitant, but decided to take a chance anyway, something she says was . “probably one of the best decisions of my life.” As a member of the MYC, she has been able to utilize her voice in ways she never imagined being able to. Meeting such talented, driven teens has challenged her to think past set limitations and express herself.

    Suhani Garg, Junior at Woodbury High School 
    Committee: Education

    Suhani is a first year member. She has been dancing for as long as she can remember and is on a competitive hip-hop dance team. Suhani loves to use her voice to advocate and does it through her high school Speech team, and now, also through MYC. She lived in India until she was 11 and has a passion for traveling. One day, Suhani wants to be an entrepreneur and a lawyer.

  • Congressional District 5

    DontaeDontae Holland, Junior at Minneapolis Edison High School
    Committee: Education

    Dontae serves on MYC because it provides an opportunity to voice his opinion on what is happening in his district. Dontae cares about schools and education because it directly impacts him and those who will come after him.  His favorite MYC moment was attending his first retreat!

    Bryan Forsman, Sophomore at Minneapolis Washburn High School
    Committee: Education

    Bryan has served on the Minnesota Youth Council for the past two years (2016-2018). Bryan spends a lot of time playing video games, as he “finds something magnificent in somebody’s ability to create a gorgeous and rich universe.” He is very interested in rap music and spends the majority of his time with his grandfather.


    AviaAvia Kaner-Roth, Senior at St. Louis Park High School
    Committee: Policy

    Avia’s dream job is working for a non-profit that works to nullify rape culture. She enjoys watching Parks and Recreation, The Office and The West Wing. Through the Council, she hopes to gain skills in public speaking, and is really excited to feel, for the first time, that her voice truly matters.

  • Congressional District 6

    Marvin Lopez Rosas, 8th Grader at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus
    Committee: Education

    Marvin is a young boy in his first year for MYC.  He is hoping to become a Senator one day. He also hopes to become loved by everyone he encounters. Marvin is a person who loves anime and loves stories. Marvin is very interested in Japanese culture and Mexican culture. Marvin’s favorite subject in school is history. Some things Marvin stands for are equality for all, immigrant right’s, and many more.

    Anne Omer, Senior at Andover High School
    Committee: Policy

    Anne is a first year member of the MYC. Her parents are immigrants from Ethiopia. Hearing stories about the struggles her parent’s endured in the face of an oppressive government fueled her passion for education and justice. She is involved in her school’s’ speech and debate team, which helped her recognize the importance of having a voice. As a member of the MYC, she hopes she can help be a voice for MN’s youth. In her free time, she enjoys Marvel movies and late night talk shows.

    Brandon Wolinski, Freshman at Rogers High School
    Committee: Policy

    Brandon joined the MYC after being inspired by new waves of activism on government levels. He’s been a viewer of political news since the 6th Grade, but was motivated to join the Democratic Party as a member of Young Democrats in 8th grade. Being a devout Reform Jew, he believes that everyone was born equal, and believes that focusing on everyone’s merit could fix most of Minnesota’s problems. Currently, he lives in a small town community, and is very interested in analytics.

  • Congressional District 7

    Jacob Just, Senior at Morris Area High School 
    Committee: Policy

    This is Jacob’s first year as a member of the council.  He enjoys helping people in any way that he can.  The purpose of government is to help improve the lives of the people, and this is the perfect place to make a difference.  Jacob also believes that all voices, no matter the background, should be heard and valued.  Jacob a major political guru and can be seen in his free time researching anything and everything about government.  

    Robert Johnson, Sophomore at Voyageurs Expeditionary High School  (Bemidji) 
    Committee: Education

    Robert became interested in the council when a close adviser at his school told him to look into the council, and he thought it was amazing. He hopes to exceed his expectations and better the education in Minnesota. He really enjoys Mathematics and History.

    Amy Haney, Junior at Dream Technical Academy
    Committee: Policy

    Amy is a first year member of the youth council! Throughout her sophomore year, she became involved in many different groups at her school and began to love community service and using her voice to help others. After hearing about the MYC she knew she wanted to be apart of it. She loves to play piano and learn about psychology.

    Noah Ouren, Junior at Montevideo ALC
    Committe: Education

    Noah is very passionate about mental health/suicide awareness, racism, body positivity, and education. Recently, he was in charge of organizing a protest. Currently, Noah works as a manager at Subway. In the future, he would either like to work in business management or as a nurse. Noah enjoys a variety of music including country, rap, worship, and pop. In addition, Noah loves to take pictures!

  • Congressional District 8


    Ria Edberg, 8th Grader at Mora Junior/High School
    Committee: Education

    Ria enjoys sports like tennis, cc skiing, track and field, and soccer. She is a black belt in Haidong Gumdo, a Korean martial art. She likes playing the French horn, and loves acting. Ria is very excited to join the MYC, and learn how to be a better leader in her community and state. Ria looks forward to making positive changes for youth.

    Baylie Norris, Freshman at Greenway High School
    Committee: Education

    Baylie heard about the MYC from the AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at her school, and hopes to learn more about the legislative process and just experience different people, places, and things.  She is passionate about respect, equity, taking care of others, positivity, and positive relationships with law enforcement.  Her dream job is a veterinarian.

    HannahHannah Erickson, Freshman at Greenway High School 
    Committee: Policy

    Hannah applied for the MYC because she thought it would be a great opportunity to branch out of her small town and make a change bigger than what would be possible on her own. Her favorite hobby is playing music, and she plays French Horn and a little bit of piano.  She also likes to sing!   She has “always loved both math and science, but I also have a knack for the arts, so my dream job is either an astrophysicist or a music teacher.”

    Adeline Ness, Junior at Mora Junior/High School
    Committee: Education

    Adeline found the council from talking with her Spanish teacher about opportunities outside of Mora. She loves her small community and how close they all are, but feels there is no diversity. Although, that is one of the multiple amazing qualities MYC posses and teaches her more about. One thing she would love for students in small schools, and larger, to know is that everyone is enabled to have their own voice and opinions. “So don’t be afraid to use them!”

  • At Large Representatives

    Raina Meyer, Junior at Minnesota Online High School
    Committee: Policy

    This is Raina’s first year on the Minnesota Youth Council. She is a junior at Minnesota Online High School, and a PSEO student at Hamline, St. Kate’s, and Normandale. She has always had an interest in politics and making a positive difference in the world, and she is especially passionate about closing the achievement gap and improving the country’s criminal justice system. In her free time she likes to bake, read, listen to music, and hang out with friends. Her favorite artists are One Republic, Shawn Mendes, Queen, and Taylor Swift.

    Mimi Le, Sophomore at Eastview High School 
    Committee: Policy

    Mimi is a first year member at the MYC. She was inspired to be on the council because she wanted to empower and uplift the youth in her community and all of the youths in Minnesota. Her goal in life is to be a lawyer and fight to put an end to the exploitation of undocumented workers in America. In her freetime she loves to watch Key and Peele. Mimi believes that her best quality is that she has an open mind.

    Harita Duggirala, Sophomore at Eastview High School 
    Committee: Policy

    Harita is a first year member on the council. She likes how kind and safe her community is. In school she participates in speech, debate and volleyball. She is inspired by her mom because she is so humble and hardworking. In her spare time you will find her reading or watching youtube.

    ColinColin McConkey, Senior at The Blake School
    Committee: Policy

    Colin loves how safe and welcoming his school community is to all people. He would like the stress level to be lower, however. He enjoys listening to Jimmy Buffett, Journey, Queen and The Script, and he likes to play soccer. He admires his soccer coach, Zac, because he works extremely hard and is an amazing leader.