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To contact any of the Minnesota Youth Council members, please email youthvoice@mnyouth.net, with the name of the council member in the subject line.

  • Congressional District 1


    Muntaas Farah, Senior at Rochester Mayo High School
    Committee: Education

    “A few issues from the long list I am deeply passionate about include (but are not limited to): School safety, Student outreach and development, gun reform, discriminatory factors faced by minorities in schools, lack of inclusion in a multitude of ways, and so much more. I want to make sure when people go to school they feel safe, have the same opportunities as their peers, and don’t have to constantly worry about different factors that aren’t in their hands. By shedding a light on these issues we can bring awareness. I cannot wait to work alongside some amazing people and bring change and a voice to different issues and topics. LETS GOOOOOOO!”

    Zamzam Abdullahi, Rochester STEM Academy
    Committee: TBD

    “I joined the MYC because I saw that there needed to be a change in the education in the state of Minnesota, and if I just think someone else is going to do it, in the end nobody will. I can make a change in the world, but only if I step up to do it.  There are many issues that I would like to solve while I’m in the Minnesota Youth Council, such as better education throughout Minnesota, making it easier to go to school for those who are struggling, and providing more extracurricular activities in schools.”

    Weston Loughmiller, Sophomore at Fairmont High School
    Committee: Policy

    Weston heard about the youth council because he was browsing the internet looking for a way to get more involved. He stumbled across the Minnesota Youth Council website and decided to fill out an application. He doesn’t listen to music very often but when he does it is often what is on the radio. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and Marvel.

  • Congressional District 2

    Mimi Le, Junior at Eastview High School
    Committee: Policy

    Mimi was inspired to be on the council because she wanted to empower and uplift the youth in her community and all of the youths in Minnesota. Her goal in life is to be a lawyer and fight to put an end to the exploitation of undocumented workers in America. In her free time she loves to watch Key and Peele. Mimi believes that her best quality is that she has an open mind.

    Catherine McComas-Bussa, Senior at Shakopee High School
    Committee: Policy

    Catherine McComas-Bussa is a senior at Shakopee High School and is entering her second year on the Minnesota Youth Council. Catherine deeply loves the environment, journaling, listening to MPR and uplifting stories that are not often heard. She is endlessly grateful for the ways that being on the MYC shaped her life this past year and cannot wait to see how it manifests in her next and final year!

    Harita Duggirala, Junior at Eastview High School
    Committee: Policy

    Harita likes how kind and safe her community is. In school she participates in speech, debate and volleyball. She is inspired by her mom because she is so humble and hardworking. In her spare time you will find her reading or watching youtube.

  • Congressional District 3

    Cole Hartman, Junior at Wayzata High School

    Bio coming soon!



    JackJack Prince, Sophomore at The Blake School
    Committee: Education

    “Hello! My name is Jack Prince. I am a sophomore at the Blake School. I participate in 6 clubs at school such as robotics, the school newspaper, and an entrepreneurship club. Also, I am a member of the Varsity Tennis Team. In fact, this past year, we won the State Tournament. Outside of school, I enjoying reading, playing tennis, and spending time on the lake. A few issues that I am passionate about include the gender wage gap, poverty, and student voice within the school system.”

    Shreya Ram, Senior at Wayzata High School
    Committee: Policy

    Shreya Ram has been a representative on the MYC for two years, and she is approaching his third. She is on her school’s debate team, competing nationally and advocating for issues she cares about. She is also a member of her school’s speech and mock trial teams. Shreya is passionate about women’s rights, and she advocates for gender equality in various settings. She also cares about gun control and youth representation, and the MYC acts as a platform for her to speak about these issues and push for legislation or movements that address them.

    Raina Meyer, Senior at Minnesota Online High School
    Committee: Policy

    “I have been fascinated by politics and wanted to make positive change in Minnesota ever since I can remember. I am so proud to be Minnesotan, and I think being a member of the MYC is the best way for me to use my enthusiasm and ideas to help amplify youth voice. I also love being able to interact with other young people who are as passionate about politics as me. A few issues I care deeply about are gun violence prevention, especially in regard to domestic violence, closing the opportunity gap (Minnesota unfortunately has one of the worst gaps in the nation), and increasing youth involvement and interest in politics.”

    Saja Osman, Senior at Eden Prairie High SchoolSaja
    Committee: Policy

    Saja is passionate about citizenship and amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and vehement about the decriminalization of drugs and prison reform. She believes that people should be able to love whomever they want and be themselves without the government restricting them and stripping them of their rights.

  • Congressional District 4


    Ava Kalenze, Sophomore at St. Anthony Village High School
    Committee: Policy

    This will be Ava’s second year serving on the Minnesota Youth Council, and she is very excited! Ava joined the council to better understand the legislative process, and has already learned so much. She is passionate about gun violence prevention, closing the opportunity gap, and ensuring that Minnesota Youth have the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives. When she’s not with the Minnesota Youth Council, Ava loves to explore in the city, play trumpet in band and marching band, travel, swim with her team, take pictures, and watch movies! In the past, Ava has served on the Policy Committee and the Survey sub-committee. This year, Ava hopes to have more direct contact with legislators and get her community more involved. She is looking forward to what is to come!

    FatimaFatima Menawa, Senior at Stillwater High School
    Committee: Policy

    Fatima first found out about MYC through a teacher, who also served as a mentor of a sort. It was 8th grade and she had just been having a horrible year being bullied and questioning who she was as a person. Her teacher felt MYC was something that could help her evolve and encourage her to speak out. Fatima was extremely hesitant, but decided to take a chance anyway, something she says was . “probably one of the best decisions of my life.” As a member of the MYC, she has been able to utilize her voice in ways she never imagined being able to. Meeting such talented, driven teens has challenged her to think past set limitations and express herself.

  • Congressional District 5

    DontaeDontae Holland, Senior at Minneapolis Edison High School
    Committee: Education

    Dontae serves on MYC because it provides an opportunity to voice his opinion on what is happening in his district. Dontae cares about schools and education because it directly impacts him and those who will come after him.  His favorite MYC moment was attending his first retreat!

    Bryan Forsman, Senior at Minneapolis Washburn High School
    Committee: Education

    Bryan has served on the Minnesota Youth Council for the past three years. He enjoys reading, writing, video games and mechanical work. He is passionate about gun control, free speech and the environment

    Emily Geier, Freshman at St. Anthony High School
    Committee: Education

    Emily is a hard working, enthusiastic, 9th grader at St. Anthony High School. Emily loves to go camping, hiking, biking, running, being with her family, playing tennis, and practicing karate. She is new to Minnesota Youth Council this upcoming year, and couldn’t be more thrilled.


    Juwaria Jama, Freshman at Spring Lake Park High School
    Committee: Policy

    Juwaria started her first ever organization; Eyes Open which is a youth led activism group. As a group they’ve held a walk out in protest of gun violence, voiced opinions on matters affecting their school, and raised more than $12,000 to aid Syrian refugees. Juwaria is very passionate about letting the youth be heard, standing your ground, and allowing a safe place for youth to learn. She’s excited to work with MYC and sharpen her skills as a leader and learn and interact with those around her.

  • Congressional District 6


    Genavieve Billet, Sophomore at Watertown High School
    Committee: Education

    This is Genavieve’s first year in MYC. She is interested in influencing public attitudes and laws on social justice issues including gender equality, racial equity, and protection of social rights of the LGBTQ community. Gena is involved in studio dance and playing clarinet and saxophone in her high school band.

    Brandon Wolinski, Sophomore at Rogers High School
    Committee: Policy

    Wolinski has always been inspired by those who have advocated for the under represented, and has joined the Youth Council for that reason. He views issues like women’s right, police brutality, biased judicial practices, and corporate intervention to be under represented issues. Beyond simple issues, he views most modern activism as far too politically divisive which is why wished to encourage more politicians to find middle-ground solutions.

    Nicholas Armstrong, Sophomore at Blaine High School
    Committee: Policy

    Nicholas is very interested in tackling issues that matter to him the most; gun violence, equal opportunities in schools, climate change, LGBTQIA+ rights, and an equitable and fair justice system. Nicholas enjoys being involved and is determined to do what he can to make Minnesota, and the country, a better place for all Americans. He enjoys a variety of music; jazz, soul, R&B, pop, etc. and considers himself a connoisseur of movies, and is a self-proclaimed “nerd” at heart.

  • Congressional District 7

    Robert Johnson, Junior at Voyageurs Expeditionary High School  (Bemidji)
    Committee: Education

    “A few issues I am passionate about are community outreach, politics, education, and equality in schools and across Minnesota in general.”

    Amy Haney, Senior at Dream Technical Academy
    Committee: Policy

    Amy is involved in many different groups at her school and loves community service and using her voice to help others. After hearing about the MYC she knew she wanted to be part of it. She loves to

  • Congressional District 8

    Ria Edberg, Freshman at Mora Junior/High School
    Committee: Education

    Ria enjoys sports like tennis, cc skiing, track and field, and soccer. She is a black belt in Haidong Gumdo, a Korean martial art. She likes playing the French horn, and loves acting. Ria is very excited to join the MYC, and learn how to be a better leader in her community and state. Ria looks forward to making positive changes for youth.

    Hannah Erickson, Sophomore at Greenway High School Hannah

    “I consider myself a very hard working and driven person. I love educating others, and I want to learn as much about the world as possible. I’m passionate about protecting the environment, raising awareness of and preventing human trafficking, and providing a safe learning environment for all students.”

    Adeline Ness, Senior at Mora Junior/High School
    Committee: Education

    Adeline found the council from talking with her Spanish teacher about opportunities outside of Mora. She loves her small community and how close they all are, but feels there is no diversity. Although, that is one of the multiple amazing qualities MYC posses and teaches her more about. One thing she would love for students in small schools, and larger, to know is that everyone is enabled to have their own voice and opinions. “So don’t be afraid to use them!”


  • At Large Representatives


    Anushka Thorat, Junior at Edina High School
    Committee: Policy

    Anushka is a strong believer in social justice, political reform, and the power of youth to reshape society. Through MYC, Anushka hopes to mitigate the socio-economic achievement gap throughout Minnesota, encourage equity reforms, and uplift Minnesotans from low-income neighborhoods. When she isn’t discussing the state of American democracy, Anushka enjoys writing, watching stand up comedy, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


    Hufsa Ahmed, Junior at Mounds View High School
    Committee: Policy

    Hufsa is a first year MYC member, and she is excited to make the most of this opportunity! During her time on the Council, she hopes to tackle the issues of mental health and equal rights for people of all races and religions. Hufsa loves reading, watching football, volunteering in her community, and spending time outdoors with family and friends.


    Arjun Maheshwari, Sophomore at Edina High School
    Committee: Education

    Arjun competes on his school’s debate team and is involved with city government. He hopes to help address gun violence prevention, education inequity, and judicial reform by influencing legislation via the MYC. He believes that contentious issues have bipartisan solutions, but that our divisive political climate hinders them. When he isn’t debating American politics, Arjun is usually hiking, drumming, or going to the lake!


    Diamond Thlang, Sophomore at St. Paul Harding Senior High School
    Committee: Education
    This is Diamond’s first year on the council! He joined the Minnesota Youth Council mainly because of his interest in empowering the voice of youth and to get involved in something on a larger scale. Diamond is extremely passionate about topics and issues surrounding social justice, immigration, and accessibility in education. In his free time, Diamond can be seen watching a documentary or researching.