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Over 200 AmeriCorps Promise Fellows devote a year of service to narrowing the opportunity and achievement gaps — one young person at a time.

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows help ensure youth success by connecting young people to caring adults, service and leadership opportunities, and high quality in and out of school supports. Using an array of research-based approaches, they track attendance, monitor behaviors, and support academic growth.

Through this evidence-based model, Promise Fellows are able to provide the right support to the right youth at the right time for the right intensity and duration.


What Promise Fellows Do

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows develop innovative ways to deliver the fundamental resources that young people need to be successful.  Serving an average of 30 youth in grades 6-10, Promise Fellows help young people overcome challenges with attendance, behavior and core academics (the ABC’s).  Examples of activities include:

  • Attendance: Provide attendance coaching, call home if students miss class, organize field trips or other special events to make learning and being at school more engaging and relevant.
  • Behavior: Coordinate a lunchtime mentoring program, promote youth leadership development through a student-led peer mediation program, connect youth with community and civic opportunities, provide avenues for increased youth engagement in school and the broader community.
  • Course Performance: Provide before, during and after school academic support for individuals and small groups, connect after-school service-learning projects with classroom instruction, connect students with a mentor or tutor, incorporate math/reading games into after-school programming.

In addition to providing individualized interventions, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows also help to create a positive whole-school environment through activities such as:

  • Recognizing good attendance
  • Organizing family service projects
  • Encouraging participation in after-school programs
  • Greeting youth at the beginning of each day

Want to hear more?  Check out Voices From the Field- stories of service directly from Promise Fellows!  Or, listen to Northfield Fellow Allie talk about her service on KYMN Radio!

Making a Difference For Youth

Over the past decade, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows have helped more than 170,000 Minnesota youth significantly improve their academic, social, and emotional outcomes. Fellows serve across the state, changing lives in urban, suburban, and rural communities in Minnesota.  AmeriCorps Promise Fellows create real change in the lives of Minnesota youth- check out our most recent Promise Fellow Program Impact numbers!  Contact Ashley Johnson, Director of Evaluation and Innovation (ajohnson@mnyouth.net) with questions about our evaluation work.


Host a Promise Fellow

Interested in hosting AmeriCorps Promise Fellows at your school or organization?
Learn more about what it means to Host an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow here.

Become a Promise Fellow

The application to become an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow for  the 2015-2016 program term is available now! Learn more about becoming an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, and apply to serve here.