Racial Equity Focus

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The following goals support racial equity and anti-racism at Minnesota Alliance With Youth. Goals were developed by staff and are intended to guide the organization’s governance, programming and activities. These goals reflect the Alliance’s commitment to ongoing anti-racism and equity work as an organization, and unlearning and undoing racism in the culture and practices of the Alliance. 

  1. Develop and ensure equitable and anti-racist Board and staff hiring and selection practices, personal and professional development, and retention.
  2. Strengthen practices and policies for the Alliance’s programs to ensure that participants mirror the demographics of students impacted, and have the support needed in order to be successful as an AmeriCorps member or Minnesota Youth Council representative.
  3. Prioritize economic justice by devoting 25% of outside organizational spending to POC (People of Color), locally-owned businesses and vendors.
  4. Conduct annual review of practices, policies and advocacy in order to ensure progress towards Racial Equity goals, and identify and respond to emerging issues.

Tools and Resources:

Alliance Racism and Discrimination Response Protocol 

Race, Equity, and Anti-Racism Resource Library