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Minnesota Alliance With Youth leaders strive to be: visionary, strategic, positive, humble, people-centered, and accepting of ambiguity.  We aim to have integrity and conviction and be learners, empowers and problem solvers.

Alliance Team

Kori Redepenning

Kori Redepenning

Bette Benson

Bette Benson

Bailey Boelter

Bailey Boelter


Brandon Brooks

Samie Burnett

Maria Fleck

Alexis Goffe

Rachel Greenwalt

Kyle Kline

Andrew Lupton

Judith Marquez Duran

Nabil Shuna

Kate Suchomel

Sarah France Ullmer

Kullyn Vance

Joe Vitt

Noam Wiggs

Noam Wiggs

Kita Yang

Hannah Zelmer