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How to partner with Alliance AmeriCorps members

Across Minnesota, more than 100 schools, community organizations, nonprofits and government agencies trust members of the Alliance’s AmeriCorps programs to help them serve young people. AmeriCorps members expand the support and resources you can provide for youth, benefit from diverse and motivated new talent and creativity, and provide cost-effective full-time staff support for the young people you serve. 

Apply to Host AmeriCorps Promise Fellows or VISTAs in 2023/24

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Benefits of Partnering with The Alliance

  • Access to over 100 partner organizations across Minnesota including schools, community based organizations, statewide nonprofits and government agencies
  • An opportunity to expand the support and resources your organization is currently able to provide for youth
  • New talent and creativity as AmeriCorps members join your team
  • Ongoing monthly training and support from Alliance staff
  • Cost effective option for a full-time staff member who increases support for youth
Apply to Host AmeriCorps Promise Fellows or VISTAs in 2023/24

2021/22 AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Impact Study Findings

In 2022, the Alliance contracted with Dr. Ethan Van Norman, Ph. D. (Lehigh University) to conduct an Impact Study of the 2021-22 AmeriCorps Promise Fellow program, focusing on the program’s impact on school attendance. Results from the Impact Study showed significant attendance gains for students served by Promise Fellows.

✏️The study found that, on average, students that participated in the program attended an additional week, or roughly five days of school, relative to students that did not participate in the program.

🍎The largest effects were observed among high school students and the analysis also indicated a larger benefit for Asian American, Latinx and multiracial students; with each of these student demographic groups showing an increase of approximately 10 additional days of school attendance each year.

Apply to Host AmeriCorps Promise Fellows or VISTAs in 2023/24