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An Unlikely Connection

By Carly Manderfeld, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Tri-City United K-8

“I have a student that from the first day I met her I felt that we just wouldn’t end up clicking and creating a genuine connection. As the weeks went by she started looking for me in the halls and in her classes, and when I wasn’t there she would immediately ask me “where were you during English/math/etc… today?”

I really felt like we were on our way to creating a great relationship (FINALLY!!!!) when she showed me an assignment that she had for her English class. The assignment was to write about the BEST day of 7th grade so far, and as I read the story I found that she had written about the day she met me.

It was so amazing to see that the connection I thought I would never obtain happened right under my nose!”

From: Voices from the Field, Fall 2018

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