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Finding Success with Early/Middle College

Early/Middle College programs are growing in popularity in Minnesota.  An innovative program designed to support students that find traditional school pathways challenging, Early/Middle College allows high school students to split their course load between high school and college classes.  By the time they graduate, students have several college credits under their belt and exposure to […] Read more »

Embracing the Unknown

Embracing the Unknown By Emily Kay, AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Minnesota Alliance With Youth with the GradMinnesota Initiative  A few weeks ago, on my third day of service, I was asked to attend an annual be@school conference held on the University of Minnesota campus.  I was having a conversation with a gentleman, with whom I […] Read more »

WE Day Energy

WE Day Energy By Sarah Adams, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Orono High School I was asked by my supervisor, Katie, to help chaperone 19 high school students at WE Day in September. WE Day was a great opportunity to see the students who regularly serve their community get recognition for their efforts and get […] Read more »

Talking Circle

Talking Circle By Meredith Myers-Petro, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving with Minneapolis Public Schools, Check & Connect, Ann Sullivan Middle School  This month is my first month of service, and it has been filled with a lot of uncertainty as I attempt to find my niche in the school. I do not have a lot of experience […] Read more »

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows creating bright futures!

What supports and resources do young people need to succeed in school?  How can we join together to meet the needs of students that are facing additional challenges such as teen pregnancy, poverty or unstable housing?  On September 28th, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows Leah Bentfield and Alex Spirov, both serving at Minneapolis Public Schools’ Longfellow Alternative […] Read more »

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