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Congrats, MYC Grads!

Congratulations to the 2016 graduating class of the Minnesota Youth Council!  The Alliance is all teary-eyed to see these amazing young leaders head off on the next adventure of their lives!  We’re proud to have called you all MYC members and thank you for your leadership and vision.  Hats off to the MYC Seniors as each and every one of them embarks on their college career in the fall- check out their impressive plans!

MYC Graduates collage

From left to right, top to bottom: 

Josh Augustin: Oberlin College and Music Conservatory- double degree program (Cinema Studies or Political Science and Technology in Music and Related Arts). “I’m very excited because I’ll get to pursue my lifelong passion of music (specifically in the electronic field) in a conservatory setting while still receiving a liberal arts education!” 

Zach Correia: Denison University in Grandville Ohio. “It is a liberal arts university and my mom went there so it’s sort of in the family.”

Rosemary Edberg: North Carolina State University for Textile Engineering. “I like fibers and chemistry.  Plus it’s warm down south!”

Karina El Refai: Hastings College in Nebraska. “I spent the last two years searching for a college that would allow me to grow and expand my horizons. I will be on the Hastings Forensics Team, which is so exciting.”

Rowan Hellwich: Earlham College in Indiana. “I am not entirely sure what I will end up majoring in but as of right now I plan on pursuing International and Peace studies and Middle Eastern studies and possibly either a minor in Spanish or take a different language.” 

Darren Jackson: Dunwoody College of Technology for Electrical Construction and Maintenance. “I wanted to do this because I love hands on work and play around with random things to make it work.” 

Micaela Jacobson: College of St. Scholastica in Duluth.  “My plan (as of now) is to study nursing and eventually become a midwife in hopes to advocate and provide care for underprivileged women and their children both here and abroad!”

Maddie McConkey: Stanford. “I went out and visited at the beginning of April and absolutely loved it!”

Brenna McSweeney: Georgetown University

Dustyn Montgomery: University of Saint Thomas. “I see Saint Thomas being a place where I can not only play football (and hopefully win a national championship) but get involved in multiple activities, study abroad, volunteer, and meet a wide variety of people. Ultimately out of all the colleges I looked at Saint Thomas felt like home and I saw myself succeeding there more than anywhere else.”

 Hannah Quarnstrom: University of Minnesota Rochester for Bachelor of Science of Health Sciences.  “I plan on grad school and one day becoming a doctor. I chose this route because I love making a difference and helping people when they need it most.”

Rogelio Salinas: Stanford University. “I enjoyed the atmosphere that Stanford had much more than any other school I visited. Plus, having a quarter system vs. semesters allows me to take nearly a dozen more courses over my 4 years, which was too good to pass up.”

AJ Yablonsky: Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary

Angela Vang: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

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