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Following Her Lead

By Lori Fischer, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Norse Area Learning Center

student in front of school busI started providing academic support to a student earlier in the semester. This student is quiet and shy. During our initial engagement, this student shared with me that she prefers I come to her assigned classroom and remind her when it is time for our weekly meetings instead of her coming to my room at our agreed-upon time.

She told me that she doesn’t like to call attention to herself by standing up and moving about the classroom.

As the weeks went on she began to talk with me more and more and became more and more engaged in her coursework. I have provided her with academic support in a number of classes and she now spends at least two periods a day in my room either receiving my assistance with coursework or working independently.

Since we began working together she has earned 7 credits, has made a new friend in school, and has begun regular employment through the school’s “Work-Based Learning Program.”

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