Using a collective impact approach, GradMinnesota helps stakeholders and the community work side-by-side to identify and address the challenges and opportunities around educational equity and successful high school graduation for all youth. GradMinnesota is a collaborative effort between the Alliance, the Minnesota Department of Education, and the Office of the Governor with the goals of:

  • Increase the overall statewide four-year graduation rate, and graduation rates for all student groups, to 90% by 2020.
  • Decrease the number of high schools that have overall four-year graduation rates less than 80% to zero by 2020.
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Solutions that work for all MN Students

GradMinnesota’s Priority Recommendations identify the policies, programs and practices that ensure that students are prepared for success.  The GradMinnesota Resource Library provides information and resources on each of the Priority Recommendations.

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GradMinnesota relies on schools, communities, and government to play a shared role in increasing high school graduation rates and success. Our community leaders provide oversight and vision for the initiative, and a Strategy Committee drives the work statewide.

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Advisory Council

The work of GradMinnesota is directed by youth, nonprofit and business leaders, parents, teachers, administrators and government employees, and other stakeholders.  We need your voice!  Get involved with the Advisory Council.

GradMinnesota Advisory Council


See some of the national and state-level research and resources that are key to the work of GradMinnesota.



Handouts and information sheets about the work of GradMinnesota.