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“I’m proud of what I have done.”

Student sitting in hallway

“I have been working with Alex since the beginning of the school year and he has been struggling with low self-esteem, work completion, mental health issues, and interpersonal relationships. What truly amazes me about Alex is his inner drive to become the best version of who he is. In all of our meetings, he has participated with an open mind and on the days its harder to be present he communicated what he needed. He wanted activities to help him grow and he thrived while doing things like the Values Exercise. He is funny, kind, smart, energetic, considerate, and creative.

Our last meeting was an emotional one where he thanked me for the bond we had and my support throughout the year. However, he is the one who did the work and made a difference in his own life. To finally hear him say the words, “I’m proud of what I have done” is what really makes this a great story.”

-Maya, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow

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