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Inspiration and Appreciation at District 287

Inspiration and appreciation at district 287

By Ben Suker, Promise Fellow at Intermediate District 287

Diploma on Team and Ben SukerThe thing I’ve enjoyed most while serving as a Promise Fellow with ISD 287 is all the pearning opportunities that I’ve been presented with. ISD 287 prides itself on finding innovative solutions to problems that are especially prevalent among the student population attending any one of 287’s charter schools. Being able to sit in on trainings and meetings with administrators has been tremendously valuable. Being around so many like-minded individuals committed to improving the lives of their students has inspired me and cemented my interest in a career that ultimately allows me to make a positive difference in my community.  One main takeaway I’ll have after my year of service is complete is an appreciation for all of the work district administrators and employees do. Being in a school setting presents challenges nearly every day. The poise and resilience staff have demonstrated this year has been phenomenal, and I have learned valuable lessons in patience and not to lament any setbacks. Another takeaway I’ll have is a sense of pride about my community. The Alliance has shown me that there are many other people who strive to help others, and that gives me a lot of optimism for a future where a higher proportion of disenfranchised students graduate.

[From “Voices From the Field: Reflections from Minnesota Alliance With Youth’s AmeriCorps Promise Fellows.” Summer 2014.]

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