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Joseph: No Longer Necessary

By: Joseph Bruyers, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Centennial Middle School

“I think one of the most important moments I’ve had as a Promise Fellow was is watching a student ‘graduate’ from the program. My first student improved across his grades and in his attendance, and the ninety-day benchmark had come and gone, and it was finally decided among myself, the counselors, the student’s parents, and himself, that he didn’t need the Promise Fellow program any more.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing a student reach the point where they don’t need you anymore. Near the beginning of the year, the time I spent with him was one of constant focus, of trying new things, as this is my first year in the program, and trying and seeing what will stick, and what doesn’t. Those first few weeks were him helping me as much about how to best apply the program and how to work with kids as I was helping him achieve success in school

It was good to see him improve bit by bit, until the point where my help was no longer necessary.”

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