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Minnesota Youth Council Statement on 2020 Election

The Minnesota Youth Council envisions a state that prioritizes the agency and voice of young people from all backgrounds. The Minnesota Youth Council is a platform from which representatives amplify the voice and power of young people in the state. Members are trained in critical thinking, public speaking and leadership skills necessary to act as representatives of youth and change agents in their communities and statewide. 

State Legislature

The Minnesota Legislature will remain divided. Democrats lost 6 seats to Republicans in the House of Representatives this election cycle, but they will maintain their hold in the House with a 69 to 65 majority lead. 

Republicans will keep their majority lead in the MN Senate with a 34 to 33 split. It looks like 3 Senate seats were flipped from red to blue this election and 2 seats were flipped from blue to red. Barring any successful recounts, this is how it will remain. Right now, it looks as though Democrats have gained support in the MN Metro area and Republicans have increased voter loyalty in Greater Minnesota.

Youth Engagement

The Minnesota Youth Council is proud of young voters, organizers, and poll workers who have contributed to the turnout and success of the 2020 election.

In Minnesota, young people held a lot of influence over the outcomes of the presidential and state elections. CIRCLE’s Youth Electoral Significance Index (YESI) ranked Minnesota as the 8th state with the highest influence of young voters on the presidential election. Even our state Congressional Districts made the list! Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District was 7th in their ranking of districts, in addition to the 1st and 2nd districts, which ranked in the top 50. 

In our state and around the country, young people make up a crucial element of our electorate. Youth influence was furthered by voter turnout rates in the state, in addition to strong involvement at the polls. Since the early 1990s, Minneapolis has boasted a Student Election Judge Program that recruits a talented and diverse population of youth workers at polling centers. Minnesota permits high school students to serve as election judge trainees after they turn 16. 

Presidential Election

As possibly one of the most stressful and heavily-covered political events of our lifetimes, even as young people, the Minnesota Youth Council commends young people for their patience and engagement in this election.  Many major news and academic publications stated, prior to the election, that young people might be the ones to determine the presidential race.  

As a legislatively mandated body, the Minnesota Youth Council hopes to justly and peacefully uphold the democracy we are a part of, and warrant a civil transfer of power from the incumbent President Donald J. Trump’s administration to the President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s administration.  Additionally, the MYC acknowledges the unusual circumstances of this election and supports the counting of all votes, regardless of the format in which they were cast.

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