Minnesota Youth Council

The Minnesota Youth Council (MYC) is a collaborative of youth leaders that mobilize their fellow middle and high school peers across the state to create equitable systems through youth-led outreach, education, and advocacy.

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•May 19, 2023 – Priority apps closed •June 20, 2023 – Selected Youth Reps notified •Seats open until filled, applications will be considered on a rolling basis •


Two young women sitting at a table.The Minnesota Youth Council (MYC) envisions a state that prioritizes the agency and voice of young people from all backgrounds.  The MYC is a collaborative of youth leaders that works to amplify the voice and power of their peers across the state of Minnesota.  These young leaders are the go-to group in Minnesota for elevating and championing youth voice in decision-making.  Members of the MYC are change agents in their communities and across the state, leading the way with youth-centered systems change.  The MYC partners with community organizations to create change across the state, and MYC youth members are leaders in many coalitions working for change in MN; Solutions Not Suspensions, Escape the Vape, Youth UBI (unemployment benefits for students), the Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers in Minnesota, MNCASA + the Comprehensive Sex Education Coalition, the Coalition for Youth Justice, COPAL and the Cumulative Impacts Coalition, the Tobacco-Free Alliance, and more!

Minnesota Youth Council Handbook

Youth Voice is Law!

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of the Minnesota Youth Council, passing into law the Minnesota Youth Council Bill, which established the MYC as the official voice of youth to the state legislature and the Governor!

The MYC envisions a state where decisions that impact youth are made WITH and BY young people.  Check out our 2022 MYC Annual Report to learn about all of the work that the Minnesota Youth Council has done this past year!

Guiding Principles

  • MYC believes in the power and importance of all youth having a voice in their community and state 
  • MYC values authentic relationships between youth, adults, organizations and communities 
  • MYC supports the involvement of young people in meaningful and engaging work focused on results 
  • MYC believes in providing skill development, including civic engagement and organizing skills for youth 
  • MYC aims to ensure equitable access to opportunities for all youth in Minnesota 
  • MYC believes in connecting all young people with existing resources

Key initiatives

Based on community input and surveys of young people, the Minnesota Youth Council members focus their impact on four issue areas: Health and Wellness, Environmental Justice, Education Equity, and Juvenile Justice.

Learn about the Focus Areas


MYC members plan events and projects each year that highlight the voices and talents of young people. Stay up to date with the MYC’s activities by following us on Instagram and Twitter.

MYC Projects


Through their work at the state legislature, the MYC is a voice for youth to the legislature and the Governor.  Minnesota Youth Council members hear testimony on bills that impact young people, provide advice and recommendations to lawmakers, develop feedback letters to the authors of bills heard, and provide testimony on proposed legislation.

Youth Advocacy

(Check out the MYC featured on tpt’s Almanac show in 2015- starts at minute 13:30!)