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Minnesota Youth Council members plan events each year that highlight the voices and talents of young people.  Stay up to date with the MYC’s activities by following us on Twitter or Instagram.

The council currently has four subcommittees:

Juvenile Justice

The MYC Juvenile Justice subcommittee seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and advocates for young people involved in Minnesota’s carceral system.

Members of the committee: Sarah Ragoonanan, Luka Jacobi-Krohn, Noah Yehalashet, Taylor O’Shea, MJ Iteghete, Taleya Addison

Project: SRO Model Policy 

Thanks to the efforts of the Juvenile Justice subcommittee this session, the Minnesota Youth Council was named in the development of the model school resource officer policy. The policy will need to be created by December 2024. The Juvenile justice committee is currently working on researching the issue to inform the council’s position. 

Environment Justice 

The MYC Environmental Justice subcommittee works to address the realities of climate change and environmental racism, and advocates for Minnesota’s investment in sustainable energy.

Members of the committee: Aaimah Khawaja (co-chair), Naomi Teshome (co-chair), Dominick Lund-May, Feven Tesfaye, Ethan Vue, Rachel Zuraff

Event: Party for the Planet 2024

Mental health & Wellness

The MYC Health & Wellness subcommittee advocates for the holistic support of young people across Minnesota, focusing specifically on mental and sexual health.

Members of the Committee: Annabelle Trombley (co-chair), Aila Maki-Brodd (co-chair), Luna Moon, Alayna Boe, Emmanuel Edebiri, Allie Hanks

Event: Youth Mental Health: One Day at a Time (info coming soon!)

Education Equity

The MYC Education Equity Subcommittee works to advance learning opportunities and options available for students in order to create better educational experiences, and personalized and holistic education for all young people in Minnesota.

Members of the Committee: Grace Van Voorst (co-chair), Charlie Schmit (co-chair), Anish Valluri, Adonai Yidnekachew, Arjun Kunhiraman, Grace Swenson, Astou Dione, Larissa Miller 

Project: Students in Decision-making Framework 

Engage with us!

If you would like to contribute to our projects and provide additional youth perspectives, please reach out to youthvoice@staging1.mnyouth.net 

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