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No students will be left out: LeVon’s Remote Service

By: LeVon Garrett, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Fridley Middle School 

“For the past few weeks I have been introduced to various E-learning avenues in which I have found to be useful in providing support to my Focus List group’s navigation through our new way of learning. Students will receive e-learning assignments for each subject (i.e., Math, Reading, Science, Lang. & Lit., Health, PF Focus Group) weekly via Google Classroom. Throughout the day, I make sure I am available so that I can meet the needs of my focus group with class assignments, and any social/emotional support I can provide. In addition, I will be reviewing, grading, responding and updating any materials I have added to Classroom related to our Social/Emotional topic as well as updating Google Classroom with new weekly materials.

A couple of sources in which I find helpful with pulling together related materials resourceful for my Focus Group topics are PBIS and Scholastic. Lessons in which I pull from these sites are sometimes builded upon and tailored to meet the needs of a particular topic I want to share with my groups. My Focus List group students who do not have access to technology and/or internet will not be left out. I will provide student check-ins via phone calls—ensuring students receive support with provided site Learning Choice Board Packets along with any social/emotional needs required.”

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