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Meet Greg: AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Alum

Greg Gianopoulos served as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at Northfield High School from 2016-2018.  Greg loved making strong connections with his students, saying “It’s the best feeling when a student you’ve connected with reaches a goal.”  He has several highlights from his two years of service, including starting a philosophy club with a student, supporting students at the high school poetry slam and walking and talking with students in the hallway.

During the academic year Greg does student support work at Northfield High School, and in the summers he teaches a philosophy class at a summer learning program. “I’m also working on program development with a nonprofit, and my overarching goal is to create meaningful learning and service opportunities for high schoolers. The Promise Fellow program was crucial to learning not only about myself and the impact I want to make, but also about the educational system and students’ experiences within that system.”

Thank you, Greg!


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