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Promise Fellow Spotlight: Jack Stroessner

Jack Stroessner – Promise Fellow Spotlight Oct. 2010

1. Best Promise Fellow Experience So Far
My best experience so far has been getting to work in my own community for two years in a row. Last year I served in Chaska, but because of the awesome flexibility of my schedule I was also able to volunteer assistant coach varsity lacrosse at Hopkins High School in the Spring. Because of this position, I heard about the AmeriCorps opening at North Junior High and am now serving at my alma mater. It’s pretty awesome to see old teachers in a new light as well as basically the same administration…

2. Bio
Born at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, I spent my formative years in Hopkins, MN, going to two different elementary schools after moving from the west to east side of Hopkins in 4th grade. I also attended North Junior High before receiving a TREMENDOUS public high school experience at Hopkins High School. At HHS, I participated (heavily, MASSIVE AV nerd) in the schools television production program as well as hockey and lacrosse, captaining the lax team my senior year. After this largely public and service free early experience, I decided to pursue a degree in journalism from the Catholic Jesuit institution Marquette University in Milwaukee. Having no religious affiliation, this was quite an interesting experience for me, however I found peers not only on the lacrosse team, but also through largely non-denominational service projects. These included Hunger Clean Up and Al’s and Briggs Run for Children’s Hospitals. After graduating from Marquette, I truly felt reformed.

3. Favorite quote
Cliché, but “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Al Einstein. At times the service can seem incredibly daunting, but upon reflection you realize truly making a difference in at least one of these kids life leaves a FANTASTIC impression…

4. Hobbies and interests
Coaching lacrosse, rehabbing my atrociously atrophied left leg, massive movie buff/consumer of trashy television shows, video games when I’m feeling nerdy/so I can relate to my 7th to 9th grade male students (n00bs,) long walks on the beach and grabbing dinner and drinks with friends old and new.

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