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Promise Fellow Week Alumni Spotlight: Adam Kunz

Adam Kunz served as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow for two terms (2004-2006) at Minnesota Business Academy.

Adam says that after graduating from college, he wasn’t sure what his next step should be, and that finding the opportunity to serve with AmeriCorps gave him professional life focus.  “Days after starting I was immersed into the school, working with students,” Adam says.  “I had never as valuable as I did in those early days of supporting struggling learners.”

While serving his second term of service, Adam used his Education Award to begin working on a Teaching License, and went on to teach English in Saint Paul for many years.  Adam is now the Gateway to College Program Manager in the St Paul Public Schools, where he supervises current AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Angel Cantu.

“My job as a Promise Fellow was foundational to my career.  As I supervisor, I hope that Angle has the support and freedom, to guide her journey into whatever she sees next,” says Adam. “Promise Fellows sacrifice for their service, but we are rewarded with opportunity.”

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