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Promise Fellow Week Alumni Spotlight: Khulia Pringle

Khulia Pringle served as a Promise Fellow in 2009 at WISE charter school.  As part of her service, she supported community partnerships with the YWCA, NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center and the University of Minnesota. She also facilitated enriched programing and Family Involvement activities.

The aspect of service that had the most impact on Khulia was working with families. 98% of families had 20 or more hours of family involvement time during her year of service. She worked with parents to engage other parents, and says that that experience showed her that families will show up when the school is inclusive.

Khulia says “AmeriCorps provides hands-on, real-life experience, the opportunity to empower, and offers great resources.”

After serving as a Promise Fellow, she decided to go back to school and become a teacher.  She says “I was forever changed by my experience at WISE, so much so that I re-dedicated my life’s work to ensure all kids have access to the best education experience possible, that pushes them to reach for the stars and beyond.”

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