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Rose: Amanda’s Story

By: Rose Lucia, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow serving at Inver Grove Heights Middle School

“I have been working with a student named Amanda.  She is a very intelligent young lady who has many issues outside of the school walls.  One of her struggles is making it to school every day.  Another is turning in her missing work when she is gone.  However, while I haven’t been able to get her to focus on all of her classes, I have been able to get her to work really hard in English class.

This past week a teacher gave the students an assignment to write a fictional story.  It needed to be at least 5 pages long.  Amanda was so excited for this assignment that she worked her tail off.  Amanda’s little story ended up being 15 pages and it was an amazing, imaginative story.  She ended up getting a perfect score on the assignment and I saw the glow in her eyes.

A few days after I sat with her while she was working on the assignment she came up to me and gave me a hug and said ‘I can’t wait until you meet with me again.’  I melted right there.”

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