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Foster Leader Friday

By Bre, AmeriCorps VISTA serving with Foster Advocates

Foster Advocates’ Communications and Outreach Coordinator VISTA has been a leader in their ongoing effort to amplify voices from the community they serve.

“A piece of our communications that I wanted to see was more representation of is the community we serve, Fosters. Fosters’ voices are the center of our work, and I wanted our communications to further reflect our mission.

One way that I’ve implemented this is through ‘Foster Leader Friday’ stories. For Foster Leader Friday, I will do a short interview of Fosters involved in our leadership programs, or have them provide a reflection on a project or writing piece they did. I’ve really enjoyed this opportunity for connection and to get their stories out there while highlighting the great advocacy work they’re doing. This feels very aligned with the work we do. I appreciate having the opportunity to amplify all of the hard-working individuals who help us better serve our community.”

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