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Minnesota Youth Council is a collaboration of young people from across Minnesota that work together to empower and mobilize the 325,000+ middle and high school aged people towards a Minnesota where no decision is made about them without them.

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Minnesota Youth Council seeks to engage young people in practicing and honing a number of skills and offer opportunities for civic and youth engagement. Minnesota Youth Council is a platform from which members amplify the voice and power of young people in Minnesota.  Members are trained in critical thinking, public speaking and leadership skills necessary to act as representatives of youth and change agents in their communities and across the state.

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of the Minnesota Youth Council, passing into law the Minnesota Youth Council Committee Bill, which established the council as the “voice of youth” to the state legislature and the Governor- the only legislatively mandated youth council of its kind in the country!

Youth-Adult Partnership Model

Minnesota Youth Council uses a youth-adult partnership model that stresses the importance of adults and young people sharing power. Adults help youth members prepare, reflect, advocate, and collaborate on planning and programming.


MYC members serve on student-led Policy and Education committees to exercise their voice and spread their ideas across the state of Minnesota.

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MYC members plan events each year that highlight the voices and talents of young people. Stay up to date with the MYC’s activities by following us on Twitter.

MYC Projects


Through their work at the state legislature, the MYC acts as a voice for youth to the legislature and the governor.  MYC members hear testimony on bills related to young people and develop feedback letters to the authors of each bill heard.

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