Minnesota Alliance with Youth

Red Wagon Awards

13th Annual Red Wagon Awards

Registration is now open for the live awards ceremony held on July 23, 2016 at Macalaster College, St. Paul. Click here to register!

The Red Wagon Awards honor young people in grades 6-12 in Minnesota that have shown resilience and overcome obstacles to achieve academic gains, give back to their community and grow to become leaders among their peers.


The Red Wagon Awards will recognize three young people in grades 6-12 in Minnesota who have demonstrated 2 or more of the following:

  • Improved Academic Achievement (Nominee has shown improved attendance, increased engagement in school, raised GPA, improvement in grades, etc.)
  • Civic Engagement & Service (Nominee has become an active and frequent participant in service projects, participates in a service club or advocacy group, etc.)
  • Exemplary Leadership (Nominee has shown resilience in the face of challenges to become a leader for their peers. Examples can include: led a service project, head of a student organization, founded a student group, etc.)

Award Criteria – GROUP AWARD

One youth-led group will be honored with a 2016 Red Wagon Award.  The group winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Civic Engagement and Service (The group and its members are active and frequent participants in service projects and efforts to improve their community.) Describe the group’s commitment to service or engagement. What projects or events have they organized? What inspires youth to participate in this group?  How has this group impacted their community? 
  • Exemplary Leadership (The group and its members are seen as leaders amongst their peers and in their community, taking the lead on issues that impact youth.) How have the group’s members become leaders in their community? How have the members grown as a result of their leadership role? How has the group’s leadership impacted their peers and community? 


Anyone who works with young people – nonprofit and community-based organizations, businesses, faith communities, government officials, educators, parents and families, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows, and other young people — all can submit nominations.  There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit.

How are winners selected?

A selection committee of Alliance staff, Minnesota Youth Council members, Alliance board members, key partners, and AmeriCorps Promise Fellows evaluate each nomination and select award recipients.

*Three individual winners will be selected, and each will receive a $500 award to improve or enhance their capacity to improve their community through service and/or leadership.  One group winner will also receive $500 to carry out their service work and further their impact in their community.


Contact Annie Himmelsteib at ahimmelsteib@mnyouth.net  or 651.340.0758.

In 2015, the following young people were awarded the Red Wagon Awards: Duluth Teen Council, Ja’meyah Taylor (Edison High School), Neda Khi (Rochester Century High School) and Taylor Korte (MN Valley Area Learning Center).  

Congratulations to the winners!